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DTH-2700 - Wacom Cintiq 27 QHD Touch Display

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  • DTH-2700 - Wacom Cintiq 27 QHD Touch Display

Wacom Cintiq 27 QHD Touch Display


The new Cintiq® 27QHD and Cintiq® 27QHD touch creative pen displays by Wacom.

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Product Information
Tools transform, artistry remains.
Get ready for the next phase of the Cintiq evolution: Experience professional creativity in new, breath-taking dimensions on a 27" display - with crystal clear resolution and true-to-life colour, as colour comes to life with 1.07 billion colours and 97% of Adobe® RGB colour space. Creating on-screen is natural, intuitive and fast using the Wacom Pro Pen and multi-touch*. No doubt, Cintiq 27QHD revolutionizes the art of creating digitally.
Crystal Clear - high screen resolution and expansive work surface
Without any physical or visual disruptions to the work surface you'll enjoy space and freedom for your creativity. Both Cintiq 27QHD displays feature a 27" 2,560 x 1,440 seamless edge-to-edge glass screen with an extra wide viewing angle, which enables you to create rich-detailed large-scale work - naturally, intuitively and directly on-screen. And as the large screen is made of glass, you can even use felt nibs, which give you a more tactile pen and paper feel.
True to life - excellent colour performance and colour management
You will get exactly the result that you see on screen. Cintiq 27QHD displays 1.07 billion colours and a full 97% Adobe® RGB colour gamut and therefore is the creative tool of choice when it comes to any high-end creative production in art, design, image editing, or media from print to 3D animation. Calibrate your display for precision colour matching with the Wacom Colour Manager Powered by X-Rite (solution sold separately). Unlike most colour management solutions, the Wacom Colour Manager sets the colour in both the Cintiq and your computer allowing you to fine tune the colours like never before.
Intuitive - pressure-sensitive pen, multi-touch*, on-screen controls and Radial Menu
Efficiently work with both hands - simultaneously. Cintiq 27QHD enables you to enhance and speed up your workflow, as you benefit from pen, on-screen controls and Radial Menu. Draw, paint, design, and edit directly on screen with the pen, which has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and performs like a traditional brush or marker. Enjoy a natural, intuitive, and productive creative experience. Decide on a Cintiq 27QHD touch and you can even pan, zoom, rotate and navigate with multi-touch*. This will allow for you to work even more intuitive and more efficient in creative applications from Adobe® Photoshop® to Autodesk® Mudbox® or Corel® Painter®.
Versatile - wireless ExpressKey® Remote and additional stand options
Cintiq 27QHD comes with the new ExpressKey® Remote. This hand-held set of shortcut keys and Touch Ring lets you focus on your work. Place it anywhere it's most convenient while drawing - on screen, in your hand or beside your keyboard. When combined with the on-screen controls, you have dozens of options to customize your shortcut keys by task or by application.
Enhance your comfort with an optional stand, which allows you to find your most ergonomic personal working position. You have a choice of stands - from the sturdy two-position integrated legs to the optional Cintiq Ergo Stand or 3rd-party VESA arm. The Cintiq Ergo Stand provides multiple possibilities designed to give you the natural feel of working on an easel or drafting table. Adjust it to work best for you ergonomically, whether sitting or standing.
*available with Cintiq 27QHD touch
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