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Kanex USB-C > HDMI 4K Adapter

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Kanex USB-C > HDMI 4K Adapter


Kanex USB-C > HDMI 4K Adapter

  £29.95 Inc. VAT

Product Information

The Kanex USB-C > HDMI 4K Adapter lets you expand your new MacBookï¾’s screen onto a 4K HDTV or HD display. View your favorite movies, TV shows and your photo collection in full HD with multi-channel digital audio output.

Movies, Music and Photos

Display your files on your HDTV or HD projector with the USB-C > HDMI 4K Adapter. Watch the latest movies and TV shows on Hulu, Netflix, or iTunes. You can even share your favorite photos and videos with your friends and family.

Connect to More

Our line of USB-C connectivity solutions is made with your needs in mind. As we welcome the new USB-C devices, weï¾’ve identified a need to bridge the gap between the old, current and new technologies.

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